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CAKE Delivery in Karachi - Choose the Brand

Cakes are best baking delights that you can offer to yourself and even with the best kinds of delicacies that are offered to guests. If you feel like a need to see the things in a right paradigm then you can order for the best and the most delicious cakes from the most reliable bakeries of Karachi. You can come to our portal means Karachi Gifts and then select any kind of cake and the flavor along with weight as you require to be sent to anyone as a gift. We are serving in Karachi for time being but take orders from all over Pakistan and abroad.

We are working in collaboration with best and most reliable bakeries of Karachi so no need to worry about underrated products. Mostly people are unsure as if they are making a right choice with ordering through and online portal like Karachi Gifts. But rest assured that all Cakes are quality processed and checked for expiry before dispatch to the said address of our valuable clients. You can see a long list of high profile bakeries that contribute to our order collection.
Marriott Cake Hob Nob Cakes pc cakes

Marriott Hotel Cakes

Hob Nob Cakes

PC Hotel Cakes

Art of the Tart Sky Bakers Aztec Bakers

Pie in the Sky Bakers

Aztech Cakes Karachi

Lals Cakes   Bakery Cake

Lals Cakes

Kababjees Cakes

Sacha's Bakery Karachii movenpick cakes suger free cake and mithai

Sacha's Cakes 

MovenPick Hotel Cakes  

Special / Birthday Cakes

Sacha's Bakery Karachii Cartoon Cakes Karachi suger free cake and mithai

Bakery Cakes

Bakery Cartoon Cakes

Sugar Free Cakes / Mithai

United King Bakery Karachi La Farine_Bakery Cake Karachi Donutz gonutz

United King Cakes

La Farine Cakes

Delizia Bakery

La Farine_Bakery Cake Karachi La Farine_Bakery Cake Karachi >

Blue Ribbon

Master Cakes

Here at Karachi Gifts you are able to order the PC Cakes, Marriot Cakes and the Art of the Tart Cakes. When you click on any name with logo of that bakery then you will see the list of cakes and the specialties that are mouthwatering. You can easily select either the Mousse Cake or the Chocolate Fudge and even the Chocolate Coffee Cake from the same bakeries or other great names like The Sky Bakers Cakes and even the MovenPick Hotel Cake.

It is your choice and your deal as you know better that your selected cake would be liked by the people whom you are going to send it. If you do not know the exact taste then select the specialties of ant bakery like the Lals Bakery or the Sacha’s Cakes. You need to understand that Karachi residents are prone to these bakeries and love to have delightful and tasty cakes picked from these spots.

Karachi Gifts provides you a chance to remember your wife, kids’ fiancée or parents along with friends if you are out of Karachi. It is an ideal deal to pick up a cake from any bakery section and then order for a perfect timing and date when it would be delivered. Payments could easily be made with all major Credit Card or Debit Cards of different Banks, PayPal if you want to adopt the services of Cake Gifts for Karachi Residents with an ease.